Monday, August 20, 2012

My Night At Farrell's

I walk in
Friends are there
Can't have alcohol
Smoke marijuana instead
Start feeling giddy
Run to jukebox
Select some songs.  
 Begin to dance
 Forget about cancer
Feeling like myself 
Joe takes notice
 He sweetly smiles
I smile back 
Guys love Joe
They drink beer
Watching, I laugh
He's a wasp
 Normally drinks wine
 He is drunk
 Truck is there
 He loves me
He gets emotional
 No tears tonight
Only good times
I look around
Surrounded by love
I am happy


  1. NOPE....this didnt make me cry either...NO WAY!!! (bitch) lol Great piece ;)
    xoxo Nicole

  2. Haha! Thanks Nicole! It was a fantastic night with fantastic people. I am blessed.