Thursday, September 13, 2012

And The Award Goes To...My Friends

I promised to use this blog to not just document the rollercoaster ride that is cancer but to also highlight the wonderful people in my life who have gone above and beyond for me. I would like to acknowledge the kindness and generosity of a few folks who have, in recent weeks, made me realize how extraordinarily blessed I am. 

My people at Atlantic Records. I can't believe one company has so many outstanding individuals working there:
Erica and Aryanna- Thank you for helping Sean realize his dream, for making me feel so special and for being two of the kindest, funniest chicks I know. I can't imagine getting kicked out of a bar with finer people. 
Michele and Chris- You never forget a chemo week and will rearrange your schedules to sit with me and make me forget where I am. The amount of laughing we do in the waiting area is insane and probably puts a lot of people off but I don't care. If laughter is a form of medicine, you guys are healing me in profound ways. 
Dawn, Pia and Corey- Thank you for recognizing my amazing dance skills and my ability to accessorize the hell out of an outfit. You always make me feel like a rock star. Please know that I smile each time you check in with me. I miss dancing past your offices. 
Cathy- What can I say? You have talked me down from the ledge almost as many times as my sister. You have served as an inspiration, a source of info and a source of strength. Thank you for being all that you are. 

Now on to a few others:
Marcelline- I am in awe of your spirit. I love the days we spend together. You are my Broadway loving, Anthro shopping kindred soul. You have boundless energy and radiate sunshine. Being around you just makes me happy. 
Nicole- My old friend who holds a new space in my heart. You get me. You never give me "crazy eyes" when I talk about the evolution of the soul or aligning my chakras. You have permanent squatter's rights in my Den of Zen.
Jen- You are a triple threat of beauty, intelligence and charm and have always been way cooler than I could ever hope to be. Seems like we've been friends forever. Our memories are some of my most cherished. Thanks for never letting me down and always having my back.
Brett- You have a whirlwind of things going on right now and yet always take the time to see how I'm doing. You bring out a side of me that no one else does. Thank you for seeing that in me.
Trish- It takes me some time, but I get there eventually. Thanks for being there when I am ready to learn. The lake house is waiting for those chairs...

Finally, to my cousin Jen- You're so much like your parents; warm and loving and thoughtful. Thank you for your letters and the beautiful gift you sent. I can't fully express how grateful I am. Your support pushes me on and always seems to come right when I need it.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love,