Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be The Change You Want To See..

While reading the New York Times this morning, a particular article stood out. It was regarding God's presence in the world. It questioned where He was during times of great evil. It stated, as I believe, that God shows Himself through the mercy of others, through kindness shown to those in need. One theologian described mercy as “entering into the chaos of another." That's what we do, right? Or, at least, that is what we are supposed to do. Each day, in some form, we are given that choice to enter into someone's world and make a difference. 

During this last year and a half, many people chose to enter into my chaos. Some in the form of letters or calls or a quick text. But others truly immersed themselves and surrounded me with their love; ensuring that I would never feel alone. To me, they were God's mercy. They were the reason I didn't become angry and bitter. They were the reason I gave thanks. There were also some who stayed away, who didn't want to enter the chaos. I get it. It's been scary and ugly and difficult to deal with. In life, there will always be heroes and there will always be bystanders. In 2012 we have seen many examples of both. In Newtown there were teachers who gave their lives for their students. In Staten Island there were neighbors who wouldn't help a woman find her babies in a storm. It is the split second decisions that define us as human beings. 

I have learned a lot about myself during this period; who I was, who I am and, most importantly, who I want to be. Everyday I ask myself that question; "Who do you want to be?" Everyday I have the opportunity to answer it differently. Some days I want to be the person who gets everything done on her to-do list. Other days I want to be the person who is comfortable being alone. But always, I want to be someone who would enter in another's chaos to bring them peace. Not every act of mercy needs to be a grand one. It could be as simple as not being impatient with the elderly person in front of you, or helping someone with kids load their groceries in their car. Perhaps you know someone who is ill or grieving. Reaching out to them will make more of a difference than you can imagine. Instead of asking what this world is coming to, let's become the world we want to see. It starts within.


  1. I couldn't possibly have said it any better. And you verbalized quite beautifully what I also heve felt and experienced in my own chaos with respect to the heroes and bystanders. (And from reading your words and looking at it from your perspective I can actually see it and understand it better. I had an AHA moment..) You really are a good writer!!!! xoxo to you, Joe and Sean