Monday, May 20, 2013


She's a real beauty
That's what everyone says when they see her
Perfectly polished, she catches the eye of all who pass by  
But there is something they can't see
She was badly hurt not too long ago
Someone banged her up pretty good
It took awhile but she was pieced back together
Good as new, they told us
But as soon as I was alone with her, I knew something was wrong
Nothing can survive that sort of trauma without some internal shifting
It's in the way she drifts off now 
Like she's lost her direction
There is a faint humming noise that was never there before. 
Most people don't notice it.
But I do
I know her well
She used to roar like a lion. 
The two of us like one on the road
Now she hesitates.
Afraid to be bold like she was
I guess that's what happens after you've been damaged, taken apart and put back together. 
Pieces are replaced. Some omitted all together.
I keep taking her back to be repaired but they can't seem to fix her. 
I wonder how long she can keep running like this 
I'm waiting for the day when she gives in and breaks down; her damaged body unable to go anymore.
I imagine a black tow truck arriving when it finally happens. 
The drivers will look at her and say, "what a shame...
          She was a real beauty"

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