Monday, June 17, 2013

There's Always A But...

For my son, Sean

Life is unpredictable 
At times it will knock you down
and just when you think you've regained your footing; 
it will knock you down again
But don't ever give up
Because sometimes you will win
Cherish those moments
But honor the losses too,
You might find you've learned the most from them

Life can be cruel or it can be glorious
You get to decide which

Listen to your inner voice
Follow your dreams
And don't let anyone decide for you how far you can go in life
Only you get to make that decision

Take risks
Push boundaries
And fight for what you believe in
But don't ever be a bully

Laugh as often as you possibly can
Seek the humor in everything
But do it with a kind heart

Love as many people as your heart will allow
By the way, the heart has no limits
Believe in yourself
But let go of beliefs that don't serve your higher self
Always strive to be your highest self

Remember life is an adventure
Enjoy the ride for as long as you can
Grow to appreciate criticism
Hate nothing
Learn from everything
Whatever you do, do it with passion and integrity 
Go boldly into the world
You have no limits


  1. Sean's a lucky young man! Ya knocked another one outta the park,Cuz! Ya have a talent! XOXO

  2. That's so beautiful. Sean has an amazing mommy!

    1. His mommy has amazing friends ;-)